Friday, July 8, 2011

Manufacturing Jobs not coming back.............

    One of my hot topics, being in business myself, has been that people are working more and getting paid less.
Also, how are we to compete in the world market in respect to manufacturing jobs when other countries are making product for so much less than can be done in the states.  Work for some is not work for many.  Gone are the factories and in their place are low income housing and retirement communities. 

Your Grandfather's Manufacturing Jobs 'Ain't Comin' Back'

Right for the Wrong Reasons
American manufacturers, like myself, simply have not been able to compete with the ridiculously low salaries being paid to workers in places like China and India. So we've had to try to one-up the offshore competition by out-innovating it, while at the same time embracing such things as computer design, laser technology, lean manufacturing and other recent game-changing manufacturing innovations. Look, I know where those politicians and pundits are coming from when they call for a renewed emphasis on manufacturing. And most of them are right. But they're right for the wrong reasons. They say the word "manufacturing" and they see in their minds' eyes things they used to see when they were kids. They see workers lined up outside of a sprawling industrial campus, with its belching smokestacks and its massive storage facilities. And they see thousands upon thousands of jobs, all paying the kind of wages that allow a man to send two or three kids to college, while leaving enough left over for him and the little lady to have a night out on the town every now and then. Well, I hate to say it, but those days are gone. And those jobs are gone. What's more, as Bruce Springsteen once sang, "they ain't comin' back."

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