Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Local lawmakers are speaking out against the state's for-profit colleges

   Who did not see this coming?  You have to keep those doors locked I tell you.......... you do not know who will just walk in!

College leaders are firing back, though, saying the government's efforts - which have already begun with national regulations - are unfairly targeting a part of private education for problems that are throughout all areas of higher learning.
For-profit schools, classified as those offering degree or certificate programs that are run by private companies seeking a profit, are a fast-growing segment of the higher education market.
Among the larger for-profits are the University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute, Kaplan Career Institute and Gibbs College. Smaller ones include Salter College in West Boylston.
At the center of the state debate is House Bill 38, which was voted out of the Joint Committee on Higher Education earlier this month and has good chance of being fast-tracked for passage next month, said Rep. Tom Sannicandro, D-Ashland, the committee chairman.

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  1. You know what, the federal government started this problem by creating the federal student loan program and grant program. They make a ridiculous amount of money available to students, and colleges on all levels adjust their tuition rates accordingly to receive the maximum benefit from these federal programs, all the while competition and quality suffer. I think the the University of Phoenix and other schools similar in stature are products of big government, but of course, big government doesn't want to take the blame. Get the federal government out of education. Kill the student loan program that produced professional debtors, and watch colleges scramble to make it affordable while increasing the value of the education through quality. As long as all this money is available, tuition is going to increase and these predatory schools are going to take advantage of the government program.


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