Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help Wanted..........................

    This comes as no surprise,  just the fact of the drop-out rate increase in our public high schools is increasing!  Last week I sent out help wanted notices and got little interest, not even a phone call. I did have one referral come by and when he saw what we do he said, " I think I am out of my league."    Prior to that, I did have a licensed man come by the shop and tell me his unemployment was running out soon and asked if he could maybe work a few hours............true story! 

These are good paying jobs and demand a skilled workforce.
So maybe their is a reason companies are moving, or at the least expanding, operations over seas.  Yes, the cry is we need jobs, but we also need qualified people to do these jobs. Almost every day we hear of another small business closing the doors and believe me when I tell you, no one is starting up any new businesses to take their place!

U.S. Business Leaders Press Senate Panel for More Work Visas

WASHINGTON—U.S. business leaders on Tuesday urged a Senate panel to implement immigration-law changes that would allow companies to hire more highly skilled workers.
NASDAQ OMX Group Inc. Chief Executive Robert Greifeld said countries like India and China have policies in place to attract scientists and engineers, but the red tape and limited visas offered by the U.S. are driving them away. Every year 17,000 American-trained masters and ...

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