Friday, July 1, 2011

City Custodians make Concessions and keep Their Jobs

     No blood shed here.  No riots here.  Some are able to see the writing on the wall, unlike most public union members here and overseas.  The voice of reason has spoken and people will be able to keep their jobs because of concessions along with the knowledge that we are out of money! 

Eleven custodians will return to the city payroll after their union's concessions beat out the city's bottom line for outsourcing.
Their proposal, said Mayor Carolyn Kirk, beats out the city's budgeted outsourcing costs by $10,000. City and union officials finalized their agreement this morning, after the union submitted the initial proposal yesterday. The proposal leaves the city with 20 full-time custodians — the city provided for nine in the budget city councilors approved last week.
The proposal will only cover fiscal 2012, and if cleaning standards or health insurance savings aren't met, according to a release from the mayor's office, the city will reconsider privatizing the service.

       Pass it on to those who are still on the rolls of the unemployed.  Most of us today who are still working are doing so at lower wages, no guarantees, and longer hours.

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