Friday, July 22, 2011

And if the White House and Lawmakers can't reach an Agreement to Raise the Debt Ceiling?

 This will leave President Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to determine how Uncle Sam pays his bills.

    I will start off by saying I do not believe the debt ceiling should be raised again.  In fact, before this president and this vice president assumed their new leadership positions, they did not believe so either.
   Unfortunately we will be expecting better results form the people who have been in Congress way too long to come up with different results other then the ones that put our country into the sorry state we are in today.  How does that song go??????? "Something for nothing and your chicks for Free"  Well nothing is for free, someone has to pay.  If you do not pay any taxes or you do not pay your mortgage or if you can not pay for your family to eat, others do.  I do not mind helping, but I am not able to raise my debt ceiling.  

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