Friday, June 17, 2011

Workers of the World Unite

             Workers of the World Unite...........Oh, where have I heard that before.......hmmmmmm.
        Anyway, since the federal government is advertising to snitch on one's employer and drop a dime,  is it any less shocking that your co-workers be able to 'say' anything about the company on social media, true or not, and get a pass?  Answer: to a point yes

It’s accepted workplace wisdom in this era of social media that popping off a negative tweet or Facebook post about your boss guarantees a pink slip is in your future.
Yet while it’s probably not advisable to call your boss a chucklehead on Twitter, there’s growing evidence the National Labor Relations Board will step in and protect workers who complain about their working conditions on social media sites.
The reason, experts say, is the NLRB protects the rights of employees — whether they belong to unions or not —­ to engage in “concerted activities” with their co-workers.


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