Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where to Put your Baby to Bed?

Yes our NANNY state is still alive and well. Will our 'heads of state' up the debt limit.....reduce government spending? I do know that America is lowering its standard to the rest of the world, not raising world standards. The jobs will not be coming back to our shores because regulations, taxes, and government rule is the order of the day.  What to do with all our American Made goods that will soon be illegal to make or to sell.

no more baby crib, back into the bureau

    I put many a baby to rest in a similar crib.  Hell, we have pictures of my husband with hands held high holding hammer and screwdriver with pieces of crib and assembly instructions scattered across our bedroom floor.  We were in the process of getting ready for the birth of our new baby.  At that time you were unable to tell if you would be bringing home a girl or a boy.  At that time you were able also to hold your baby close to you on the way home and not pack him or her into the back seat of the car along with the diaper bag and groceries.  I often think about how other mothers in other countries would appreciate the same luxury of putting a baby to rest in one of those now illegal cribs!  What are we doing? 


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