Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Union Militants Organize Against FBI’s Terror-Tie Investigation

Is it necessary for the FBI to be given more power in regards to searching private property without a cause or even a warrant?  Home grown terrorism seems to be on the rise.

from labor union report

Last September, federal agents conducted a search of the homes of 23 left-wing, anti-war activists, several of whom are union activists from Illinois and Minnesota.  The searches were in execution of warrants “seeking evidence in support of an ongoing Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation,” stated Steve Warfield, a spokesman for the FBI in Minneapolis, at the time.
In Chicago, among those whose homes were searched was Joe Isobaker and his wife Stephanie Weiner (a founder of AFSCME Local 3506). Isobaker was, at the time, a Chief Steward with the 24,000-member SEIU Local 73 and an activist, as well as a writer for Fight Back, a Marxist magazine.
According to the Star Tribune, the search was part of a “mysterious, ongoing nationwide terrorism investigation with an unusual target: prominent peace activists and politically active labor organizers, a number of them in Minnesota.”

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  1. That IS an unusual target; they're mostly aimed at far Right militia people. Actually, this is kind of good news...WHO KNEW? Thanks for the update, lady di!


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