Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should you give up your guns to the government..........any government?

Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry was such a well-organized ex-Marine that even after he was gunned down Dec. 15 outside Rio Rico, Ariz., gifts he had mailed to his family in Michigan arrived in time for Christmas.
Complicating his death in the line of duty is the fact that two guns found at the murder scene were purchased by suspects as part of a controversial federal gun-running investigation that purposely allowed guns to “walk” into the hands of suspected drug traffickers.

Special Agent John Dodson, who testified at the hearing, first told iWatch News about his concerns with operation Fast and Furious in early May, saying the guns that the bureau let go “are going to be turning up in crimes on both sides of the border for decades.” On Wednesday, he said that during the operation “ATF failed to fulfill one of our most fundamental obligations, to caretake the public trust, in part, to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.” 

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  1. ATF and Holder will (finally) have to answer to Congress and to the American people for the disastrous folly of this operation.


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