Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mass. attorney general calls for hospital price controls

     Taking control away from the doctors and hospitals and putting the politician in charge.  My insurance carrier has already designated hospitals with higher costs per procedure.  If you want services from a higher tier hospital it will cost you more, which reminds me of the Canadian's heading south for better health care because it is available. But even if you could pay the higher price, it will soon be a moot point because those now in power want socialized medicine controlled by the politician and everyone will be equal.................except the politician that is. The days of fair and equal competition are gone in this country.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley says the state should institute temporary caps on the prices hospitals and doctors charge insurers, as part of her second report on health care provider price disparities.

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  1. Doctors and hospitals have to increase charges to the insurance companies to make up for all the medical provided to illegal aliens that they do not get paid for.


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