Friday, June 17, 2011

deliberate campaign in the first world to globalize abortion:

At the Washington symposium, Monique Chireau, M.D., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Duke University School of Medicine, said that five factors are at work in the deliberate campaign in the first world to globalize abortion:
1) Developed nations are expanding abortion abroad “through linkage of funding to women’s health agendas promoting abortion”.  2) Activism in research legislation has pressured developing countries to legalize abortion. 3) Around the world rapid shifts in political power have resulted in instability of cultural mores, “leaving nations vulnerable to population control ideologies.”
Another factor is the manipulation of language within medical research literature. Dr. Chireau said that the use of “imprecise and quasi-legal definitions of critically important terms,” such as “abortion,” “unsafe abortion,” “spontaneous abortion,” and “induced abortion,” has allowed for “ambiguous and contradictory conclusions in research and statistics.”
The fifth factor is the rapid expansion around the world of “technological changes,” such as increased portability of abortion machines and the introduction of abortifacient drugs, commonly called “medical abortion”.
The acceptance of the abortion ideology has resulted, she said, in the proliferation of “skewed” and “deeply flawed” data, misleading definitions, and manipulated results. All of this has affected public perceptions and therefore policy and funding decisions.
If the ultimate goal is the safeguarding of women’s health, Dr. Chireau continued, it is necessary for the scientific community to “refute inaccurate data or inappropriate use of statistics and to publish high-quality research”.

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