Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rotary sponsors exchange with Hong Kong, Mongolia

Even before my husband was elected president of our local club many years ago we have been faithful followers and supporters of Rotary.  I found this story interesting and enlightening in these days of Obamacare.  Does everyone expect to have the best medical coverage, doctors, and hospitals after socialize medicine becomes the law in American???   Yes???? 

Yesterday, medical professionals and administrators from Hong Kong and Mongolia spent much of the morning touring the hospital and then meeting with the staff there. Those visiting included Dr. Ganzorig Baatar, an oncologist/surgeon from Mongolia; Cheryl Law, a hospital administrator from Hong Kong; Dr. Michelle Cheung, a Chinese medicine doctor from Hong Kong; Louise Sin, a registered nurse; Dr. Jennifer Mok, an ophthalmologist from Hong Kong; and the team leader, Dr. Vito Lee.
The 40 or so local Rotarians who filled a majority of the restaurant gasped when told, for example, that one day in a Hong Kong public hospital inpatient unit costs a patient between $9 and $13. Also leaving an impression was the fact that someone without health insurance can walk into a public Hong Kong hospital and expect to pay around $6 for general outpatient care. That includes lab tests, prescriptions and other services, according to the team members.
There are some downsides, however, they said. Hospitals are far more crowded in Hong Kong than in the United States, meaning wait times are longer and there is less privacy. For example, it's not uncommon to have several patients, as many as eight, sharing a large, single room while staying at a hospital.

      This is where I will interject, with much pride, congratulations to my son who will be
 installed next month as president of our local Rotary Club.....

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