Monday, May 16, 2011

Fears Grow that U.S. Unready for Larger Panama Canal

      When Blogger was down last week I thought it was because of something I had done or said.  Today I see that this was not the case and the outage was not all about me. 

       When I do watch TV, it is mostly history and science that now keeps my attention.   Since spring has not come yet to the northeast and I could only attend one little league game in the cold,  I found Inspector America on the history channel.  Years of experience has taught me you can not always believe everything you hear or that is presented as entertainment as fact.  That being said, the fact still remains our infrastructure is crumbling.  The streets in my area of travel are full of pot holes large enough to spill your cup of coffee on the way to work.
Where does, or better yet where has, the funds in taxes paid gone for these long overdo repairs?  I am all for budget restraints, federal and local, but do not keep telling me my taxes are going to fix and maintain the roads and bridges when it is evident that too is a falsehood.  The next thing you would have me believe is that social security is solvent and safe in the 'big lock box' located below the Capital building.

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