Friday, May 6, 2011

Boston Summer Jobs Program cools

    With the job market weak it is not a surprise that summer jobs will be hard to find for the teenager or college student looking for temporary employment.  Should we cut back in funding a program like this and just keep it in the hands of the business community.  Maybe more companies would consider hiring if they were in charge of the rate of pay, no minimum wage.

Chrisana Watson was 16 years old when she spent the summer making copies and filing legal documents at the Boston-based law firm Burns & Levinson LLP.
Watson — who at 22 is now a graduate of Brighton High School and Suffolk University — continued to stay in touch with contacts at the firm. And last fall, she snagged her first full-time job as a marketing assistant at Burns & Levinson.
Of that first summer job — which Watson got through the city of Boston’s Summer Jobs Program — she said it was “a positive experience, because working in an office allows you to use skills that you’re not able to use at any other job.”

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