Monday, April 25, 2011

With an eye on the polls, Dems to push tax hikes for the wealthy

Congressional Democrats say they will aggressively push for allowing taxes to rise for the wealthiest Americans – a move they say is not only widely popular, but sets up a stark contrast with Republicans who want to keep the tax rates the same but make broad changes to entitlement programs.
With the Bush-era tax rates now set to expire at the end of next year, some question remains about whether Democrats on Capitol Hill will coalesce behind a plan for higher taxes for annual income above $250,000 for families or income north of $1 million.

After five decades, Ted Cole's Music Shop to close

Although a closing day has not been announced, the store will go out of business next month, according to Jerry Cole, 68, the founder's son.
"We've been thinking about it for eight to 10 months," said Cole, who has worked in the store for years and has been running the business with his brother-in-law, Paul Audet, since the death last year of his sister and Audet's wife, Paula.
"We don't make any money," he said. "We're lucky to pay the bills. It got to the point where we didn't need this aggravation. The only thing that kept us going this long is the fact we owned the building."

            And tell me again why raising taxes on the 'rich' will better our government and country???
Shops and companies are closing their doors and no one is coming in to occupy the empty space.  Why would anyone want to start a business (other then one financed by the government) in an environment with higher taxes, government over site, union demands, and paper work that would choke a horse!  Granted times change and companies do become less productive or even obsolete.  The so called minimum wage and tax burden are sending jobs overseas and this administration and politicians are the reason. I have been forced to work more for less money just to survive which only means soon another door could be shut and locked and another space empty.  So if a country of poor men is what we will soon be.............. fine, so be it.  Poor men do not start companies or hire me either.

 Far fewer business in South Florida

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