Monday, April 11, 2011

Tea ain't all thats steaming.............

By Juan Williams
When the Speaker told ABC last week that there is no “daylight” between him and the Tea Party Caucus it was because they are wrapped around his neck like an albatross.The Tea Party’s tremendous success in the mid-term elections elevated him to the speaker’s chair. But the Tea Party freshmen are all about talk radio rhetoric, campaign slogans and reveling in the widespread discontent with American politics. They have yet to display any capacity to govern.
By forcing the nation to wait on a last-minute deal, the Speaker was able to go back to his Tea Party freshmen and claim he got the best deal possible from the Democratic majority in the Senate and the President. But what he demonstrated to moderate and independent voters, as well as Republicans not entranced by the Tea Party, is that the least experienced, most extreme elements of the party are now defining the Republican brand with hysterical stunt governing.

           Oh Juan, there ya go again....  I almost thought you were speaking about the Black Caucus holding the Dem's feet to the fire.   Well, like the Black Caucus, the Tea Party is not going away, as much as you here that it is.  Juan seems like a nice young gentleman and I enjoy his spin on political issues.  Whatever the case,  long time politicians got us into this mess and only new leadership will get us out.



  1. I am disappointed with the self-proclaimed Tea Party members of congress. Many of them quickly sold their souls to the establishment.

  2. Many of our politicians got to congress by selling one thing or another! It is so easy to vote them in, but so difficult to kick their asses out!


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