Monday, April 4, 2011

Ok Chubby..................Pay Up

     To begin with, this brings back memories of my childhood and being called 'fatso'. This nickname was given to me by some mean kids in school.  I was fat, it hurt my feelings, I did not sue, I lost weight.

From Arizona, the nation's new cauldron of politically incorrect thought, comes this idea. Make obese adults in the Medicaid system pay a $50 fee as a penalty and an incentive to get into better shape.
Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer proposed the idea last week as a way to address ever-expanding Medicaid costs. And the idea is not as bluntly punitive as it sounds. Patients would be required to work with a primary care doctor on their weight issue, and those who don't meet certain goals would be assessed the fee. Only childless adults would be subjected to the fee. more

      So many inventive ways to get that dollar out of your pocket and into the hands of the government agent.

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