Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Look Who's Importing to China

Both countries agreed to promote the registration of Brazil's poultry and beef companies and vowed to quicken procedures to add new products onto their import and export lists.
The products include gelatin, corn, tobacco leaf, bovine embryos and semen and fruit from Brazil as well as fruit from China. The two countries also called for the Doha trade talks to produce comprehensive and balanced results that address the concerns of the world's least developed countries, Xinhua said.
The Doha talks have stalled repeatedly since their start. Some countries earlier identified 2011 as a "window of opportunity" and a chance to secure an agreement.
China and Brazil agreed to work more closely on reforming international financial and monetary systems under the G20 framework, the communique said.
Under the communique, both countries called for increased supervision to avoid new crises while working toward global economic recovery.
Earlier on Tuesday, Chinese and Brazilian companies signed 13 deals and cooperation documents. These included the purchase of 35 E190 planes by Chinese airlines from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, worth about $1.4 billion.
            Yes I do remember when the US had trade deals and we also had goods to trade. Yes we still have American companies but they are now manufacturing in other countries. Can we still compete in the world market?  Well here is the tale of two trade deals, one is doing and one is hoping!!!
President Obama hopes to lay the groundwork for more trade with Brazil when he visits there this weekend, with announcements of a framework for negotiating future trade deals and a new round of U.S.-backed financing for American companies bidding on Brazilian projects, foreign trade sources said Thursday.
Still, because of long-standing disagreements between the two countries on trade and foreign relations, the announcements in one of the world’s fastest growing economies will likely be incremental and will only marginally advance the president’s goal of doubling overall U.S. exports in the next five years to create more jobs, sources said.

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