Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let them eat cake and Sausages

Every year on a frosty winter afternoon, the “poor” children of a lakeside town a half-hour train ride from the city, gather at the historic town hall to catch sausages, cookies and bread hurled out of the historic town hall’s windows by the city’s “rich.”  

            No, did you think I was speaking of 'Anytown, USA'????  Gotcha..........  It could happen here but this is in Switzerland.

While the country fared well during the recent economic crisis, the economic turmoil hit the middle class disproportionately hard. During the past decade, income inequality within the country has widened, fueling calls for reining in advantageous tax breaks to the rich. Switzerland’s Green Party and the centre-left Social Democrats managed to tap into both sentiments – as well as Swiss antipathy to anything deemed unearned and excessive -- to put the lump sum tax on the voting agenda.   more

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