Saturday, March 19, 2011

The World is in Turmoil, Pres goes golfing, and YOU can not have a menthal cigarette

    I know, the world is in turmoil but that does not mean that your government is not continuing to screw with your choices and rights.  I chose, for my health, to stop smoking fifteen years ago but this does not mean that I wish you to stop as it is your right.  The smoking ban has continued to spread, like I predicted, from states, to open parks, and soon to the perps living room.  Never let a good crisis go to waste.  If the wishes of the Nanny State be known, soon French Fries will be banned from the country and your kitchen as well.  Oh, and put down that chocolate chip cookie if the government and new Obamacare tells you that you are over weight. Keep letting these rights disappear and soon your world will be in some way included in the "it is for your own and societies" best interest list of banned rights. 
The decision, unveiled at a meeting Friday, amounts to a recommendation that the FDA consider removing menthol-flavored cigarettes from the U.S. market, although the panel stopped short of directly saying FDA should ban menthol cigarettes. The panel said it was concerned that young people who experiment with menthol cigarettes are more likely to become regular smokers than those who try regular cigarettes.
The FDA isn't required to follow the panel recommendations, but if the agency does, agency officials have said it "would take years." The tobacco product advisory panel recommendation will be part of a report on the public health impact of menthol the panel is required to submit to the FDA next week.

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