Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unions Still Pushing for enrollment

Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) will sponsor an amendment to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill that, if passed, would strike back at his party’s efforts to limit union organizing at airline and railway companies.
LaTourette’s amendment would protect a rule finalized last year by the National Mediation Board that would make it easier to organize unions at airline and railway companies.

House Republicans included a provision in the FAA reauthorization bill that would repeal the labor rule.

Delta employees are on Capitol Hill this week to lobby for the repeal of the Board’s rule. Leading the charge: a Delta workers group called No Way AFA (Association of Flight Attendants), which opposes unionizing the company.
“It is certainly within our right — and probably beyond time — to lobby Congress on behalf of what we feel is constant harassment by a union that won’t give up and cries foul to a sympathetic board to have decades-old rules changed at their whim,” said Mathew Palmer, a Delta flight attendant and spokesman for the group, in an email.


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