Monday, March 28, 2011

Tigers and Lions and Bears................Oh My

       I love animals and have fond memories of all the pets I have owned and taken care of.  I loved going to the zoo when I was a child and also loved bringing the grad kids.  I would also be so bold as to think that the North East might not be the best place to have a zoo, cold weather and short seasons and all.  Like public libraries and bike paths, the time has come to ask if we really can afford to keep these. 
Good news:
Boston zoo says it won't have to kill its animals due to budget cuts  

Boston zoos get lift from Hollywood

Zoo New England, which runs the Franklin Park and Stone zoos, cut its losses in fiscal 2010 after earning $643,000 for movie filming and experiencing a slight upswing in admission revenue.
The nonprofit reported an operating loss of $5.6 million in the fiscal year that ended June 30. That compared with an operating loss of $8.2 million in fiscal 2009. Those results don’t include state appropriations, which were $4.7 million in fiscal 2010 and $6.65 million in fiscal 2009.
Operating revenue surged 29 percent to $5.33 million, up from $4.14 million in the prior year.

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