Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More News from Socialized Medicine

Too many needless medical procedures in France and I am reminded of the rescue of that poor sick baby in Canada a few weeks back who was sentenced to death.

THE French Hospitals Federation (FHF) says money is being wasted because many unnecessary procedures are carried out.
It has called for more checks on whether medical acts prescribed are useful. In a report, it referred to the high number of head x-rays, costing €9 million a year, which it said were useless for mild injuries.
It also questioned regular breast cancer screening for over-74s, which it said had not been shown to be useful, and criticised a rising number of caesareans. In 2009, the rate was over 20 per cent and is 2.3 per cent higher in private hospitals than in state ones.
One Paris hospital has a rate of 38 per cent, which FHF believes raises questions over whether establishments deliberately opt for unnecessary, but well-paid procedures (with part of the cost picked up by the state).

                My mother-in-law was diagnosed, by screening, with breast cancer at the age of 79.  Her treatment included a mastectomy and she lived healthy until she passed at age 89.  Who is to say, or will say, what age should be the cut off for screening???


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