Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Edward Kennedy and the FBI Report

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy made arrangements to rent a brothel in Santiago, Chile during a tour of South America in 1961, according to previously secret FBI records.
Kennedy, who was described in the documents by a State Department official as a “pompous and spoiled brat,” was on a fact-finding tour of South and Central America in July, 1961, when he rented the brothel.

       I was never a Kennedy friend or supporter, not because of his character but because of his politics.  The left is already explaining the surfacing of this report as the hatred people have for the President. What good does a report like this do??? I am also sure that most of his family did know that many of the stories were true but an agenda of the time was more important, kind of like today. Nothing really changes now does it??

“Kennedy allegedly invited one of the U.S. Embassy chauffeurs in for the night’s activities,” according to the document.
The previously secret FBI files were released to Judicial Watch, a public interest group that investigates government corruption, following a lawsuit.The FBI report provides no further detail on Kennedy’s activities at the brothel. At the time, Kennedy had been married for three years to his wife Joan.

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