Wednesday, March 30, 2011

45's Unregistered...................

    If only I was implanted at birth with some sort of 'chip' I could have keep up with all my likes in music thru the years and saved much time and money purchasing all the now outdated media I have collected  now stored down cellar along with other out of date material of all sorts........

Study: Digital music to outsell CD's by 2012

A study from Boston-based Strategy Analytics predicts that U.S. consumers will spend more on online music than CD's for the first time in 2012.
"Digital music is not developing as fast as expected," said Martin Olausson, Director of Digital Media research at Strategy Analytics, in a written statement. "While online revenues will expand further over the coming years, the overall size of the recorded music industry will continue to contract as record companies struggle to identify growth strategies."


  1. I can remember playing 45s as a child. That record player looks familiar....

  2. Can not part with those 45's. I will keep them along with the old 'record player' as a reminder of a simpler time. Do you think the youth of today will look at these days as their simpler time??


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