Sunday, February 20, 2011

O..........not just for Obama and Oprah anymore.......................

     With all the distress in the Middle East and the teachers and elected officials not showing up for work in parts of this country, some might not have seen the happenings over the weekend and the demise of the National Christmas Tree.  Now not only no leadership in the White House but no tree either.  Yes, the "Christmas Tree" is no more and has fallen.
You  would think with all the hot air in Washington this event would have happened long ago.  Many have been trying to eliminate the Christmas holiday and symbolism from government for many years.

Why now??????  I think it is an Omen and God is fed up with his people and the moral decay of the times, both here and in other parts of the world.

This tree falling will not go unnoticed by Progressives and I bet the lights and decorations are already packed and ready for the giant yard sale on the White House lawn, next to the first lady's vegetable garden!

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