Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Obama Plans Jobless Aid Help for States...........and then what

   Yes, I did not hear this news at the Chamber speech yesterday.  No, I did not hear note of it in the state of the union address either.  This is still yet another "bailout".  Am I the only one who is not asking the Obama administration to bail me out with my business or my personal matters?  Does ALL bad management of one's financial matters deserve a bailout?  Who and When will anyone take responsibility and stop passing the can to me?  Our state is one that is broke, not my fault!!!!  We voted the same idiots back into office that made the bad decisions in the first place.................HUH?  I have gone on record months ago that I did not believe in the extension of unemployment benefits but then again I do not believe in the state running an apple farm or golf course either.  My God, Amtrak is penny less and clue less and the government still insists on printing more money to give to projects that will not work.  Some say this President is "moving to the center",  I say he is the same community activist and his only concern is to get re-elected. 

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration is proposing short-term relief to states saddled with unemployment insurance debt, coupled with a delayed increase in the income level used to tax employers for the aid to the jobless.
The administration plans to include the proposal in its budget plan next week. The plan was confirmed to Fox News late Monday by a person familiar with the discussions on the condition of anonymity because the budget plan is still being completed.   more

      This is a painful fall of a country to watch.  Let's just hope it happens sooner rather than later and we will be able to rebuild using our brains and our natural resources that lately have gone untapped.............

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