Thursday, February 3, 2011

House Republicans move to slash domestic programs

The White House says the cuts could lead to widespread furloughs of federal employees and force vulnerable people off subsidized housing, reduce services in national parks and slash aid to schools and local police and fire departments.

     Well, this is always the scare tactic of the politicians.  We are all vulnerable in this country at the moments, especially those of us who are paying taxes.
    Instead of said mass layoffs, lets force the hand of the public unions and renegotiate their generous pension program and see that state employees work as long as people in the private sector for a start.  Take the hit like the private companies had to do and everyone can keep their job.  If not to your liking, lets hire some part time employees from the unemployment hall.  As so many are out of work, should not be so difficult to do.

The House Republicans are seeking to keep their campaign promise to cut $100 billion from domestic programs. The initial cuts would be approved over coming weeks as Congress wraps up the long-overdue 2011 budget; the second stage would come as the House GOP advances a fresh round of spending bills for fiscal 2012, which begins Oct. 1.
The hardest hit agencies would include the Food and Drug Administration, the IRS and the departments of Commerce, Housing and Urban Development and Agriculture, according to partial details released by the House Appropriations Committee. Foreign aid on an annualized basis would bear a relatively modest 6 percent cut. Congress' own budget would be barely touched.


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