Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coming to a Green Community Near You........................

     I love this story (sarcasm)  I am all for saving energy and taking care of mother earth and her inhabitants  (does feeding the birds living in my back yard count) but I am also for jobs, good paying jobs.  Seeing that I manufacture, or did, the panels that control the plastic bag machines, I kind of cringe with the thought of all plastic going away for ever.
   Plastic bags make it easier to carry my groceries than those old paper bags that tore and disintegrated when the weather got wet.  I suppose I have the choice of purchasing those re-usable sacks with the store logo printed on them (.50-$1.00@)  Though, those bags do eventually rip and need washing.....  How much water would I need to use and how many times would they go threw the washing machine before needing to be patched and stitched?  Geez, and are those bags made right here in the US of A? 

                  and still another man's opinion:
At the beginning of the year, the pharmacy/convenience store in my neighborhood — part of a large national chain — started charging a nickel per shopping bag. Each time I have checked out purchases since, the cheery cashier has asked, “Would you like a bag for five cents?”, to which I have replied, with increasing exasperation, “No, thank you, I would like one for free.”
Stores that have begun charging for bags may as well be telling customers, “Thanks for shopping here, now you figure out how to get your stuff home. Yeah, sure, we’re happy enough that you dropped a few bucks (or quite a few) in our store, but what you do with your purchases is none of our concern. Please pick up your crap and go.”

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