Monday, February 14, 2011

China overtakes Japan as world's second-biggest economy

   And they OWN us..

Japan has been hit by a drop in exports and consumer demand, while China has enjoyed a manufacturing boom. At its current rate of growth, analysts see China replacing the US as the world's top economy in about a decade.

Countries with highest GDP per head of population

  • 1. Qatar: $88,232
  • 2. Luxembourg: $80,304
  • 3. Singapore: $57,238
  • 4. Norway: $52,238
  • 5. Brunei: $47,200
  • 6. US: $47,123
  • ...
  • 20. UK: $35,053
  • 24. Japan: $33,828
  • 93. China $7,518
Source: IMF estimates 2010, done on a purchasing power parity basis, which tries to reflect the cost of living

Do we have the will and the knowledge to bring manufacturing jobs back to our country or are we doomed to be the land of the lost and the takers not the givers.  I am not even sure we have the time.  We can not even decide how or if to save social security.
I learned over the weekend that many of our school kids are receiving three (3) meals at the schools.  And silly me thinking the lunch program implemented years ago would stay a lunch program and not be expanded and blotted to include breakfast and dinners!!  Oh, mean spirited to cut some social programs?  I think not, we can not afford, nor should we be depending on the government (you and me) to be all and do all for our people.  When I was a kid we did not even have a cafeteria in the school, we brought our lunch and if one day it was forgotten or we came with none, our classmates would share what they had to share.  And oh yes, there were jobs for all who wanted to work and they were good paying jobs.  Are you better off today than you were two or three years ago?


  1. Do you really think it will take 10 years?

  2. No, and being in manufacturing for over 35 years, I have witnessed the decline of the American way of life that had us as number one in the world and I will say further that the so called leaders of this country today do not have a clue......


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