Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Pro Bowl...............definition please of pro

   Being an avid sports fan, my weekends, around this time of year, are planned around the Patriot's football games.  Oh, the house and the grand kids are important too!

Being an animal fan, I was appalled and could not even look at pictures or even read the stories when it came to light what Michael Vick was doing with the dogs he kept.  Mr.Vick did serve time for his crime, as my husband rightly points out, and he is darn good at the sport he plays.

I just find it odd that President Obama would even take the time to call the head coach with his unsolicited opinion and his praise that Mr.Vick is getting a second chance and making mookoo bucks passing a football around.

What really are the priorities of this President?  If the President wants to congratulate someone or heap praise, stop the staged photo shoots and get out of the house and visit one of the small companies that has survived the "down turn" and is still in business.  Take a trip to a homeless shelter or to a church and see some real "pros" cooking and passing out dinners or dropping off clothing for the families who have no job or home anymore. What is the real definition of a pro anyway and who really is one?

Michael Vick among five Eagles selected to Pro Bowl

 Tom Brady among six Patriots selected to Pro Bowl

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