Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Medical in Canada means sending patients to the US

Ontario told to pay for U.S. surgery.  Still another interesting case of free medicine and why if the system is so good in Canada, do people choose and are sent to the US.  The fight to keep or scrap Obamacare is just beginning in the courts, while the shortage of doctors and hospitals closing in our country are happening now.  In the end lets, hope that America will still be the country of great medical care and knowledge, even for those who seek care coming from a country that claims free medical for all.......nothing is free.


Mr. Kapur was referred to a neurosurgeon in Mississauga who agreed to see him on an “urgent” basis, offering up an outpatient appointment three days later on Sept. 17.
A son-in-law who happened to be a neurobiologist looked at his CT scan and “panicked,” suggesting he seek out a second opinion on whether he could wait three days for an expert examination. Another son-in-law who works as a doctor in Buffalo arranged for an appointment at a hospital there.

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