Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Too Little Too Late

President Obama has proposed a two-year pay freeze for federal government workers as part of efforts to reduce the US budget deficit.

           This story is an insult to anyone who has survived this presidency so far and still has a home or a job in the private sector to go to each day.  This token gesture should have been done as one of the first things when this government was telling all of us that we will have to make sacrifices....   Has the mention of reforming the pension system, or maybe doing some layoffs or giving back some paid days off  like the private sector has been forced to do the past three years?  This will not change the fact that the public employees are still making more than the private employees. 

Mr Obama said on Monday that both Republicans and Democrats faced a challenge "to get federal spending under control and bring down the deficits that have been growing for most of the last decade".

     Oh, now he will invite the Republicans to the White House.  I truly hope that the newly elected Republicans do not fold and the 'deals' are few.

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