Friday, November 5, 2010

Time to Overturn Obamacare

    The talking has already begun on when, where, and how to dismantle or just overturn the Obamacare tax on the American people.   Some say jobs should be the first priority.  I agree, but government does not create jobs, it needs to move aside and let the public sector start to grow again. 

For-profit medical scans blur line around private care in Canada

Major Canadian hospitals are hosting for-profit services that sell speedy MRIs and CT scans to fee-paying patients, part of a surprising, parallel private health system that appears to stretch countrywide.
The businesses — at Mount Sinai and St. Michael’s hospitals in Toronto and many others like them — say they are not violating laws that bar Canadians from buying medically necessary treatment, but taking advantage of a little-known quirk in medicare rules that allows “third parties” to seek care outside the public system.
The concept has long applied to workers’ compensation clients, RCMP officers, military personnel and even prison inmates - all of whom are effectively excluded from provincial health plans - but recent interviews reveal that the third-party exemption now stretches much further.
Private auto and health insurers, law firms, sports clubs and individual employers and corporations are also being allowed to purchase expedited care for patients who normally would be prohibited from doing so.


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