Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Robin Hood Theory

           It is that time of year again in my little town, tax classification or business vs homeowner.  The regulars head to town hall to plead to be spared an increase in their property tax bills.  More homeowners show up, business owners who live in the town are a dwindling few.  Business for many years have paid a higher percentage than the home owner. There is a little talked about provision in the state tax law that not only allows tax classification between business and homeowners but homeowners and homeowners.  This might be the time to get a jump on this as politicians look for new revenue streams to replace the lost tax money of bygone industrial and commercial properties.  Besides, the people with the biggest, best, and most expensive homes have a moral obligation to ease or eliminate the tax burden on homeowners of more modest properties.

The trend is industry is leaving
In addition, Dominion CFO Mark McGettrick told investors that the Virginia energy giant, which owns the Salem power plant, "will not invest any capital" for pollution controls at the 59-year-old, coal- and oil-fired facility.
McGettrick's comments, which were made earlier this month and made public yesterday by the Conservation Law Foundation, an environmental group fighting to close the plant, were confirmed by the company. They are the latest installment in a seemingly endless obituary for an aging facility that some say is on life support and others contend will continue to operate as long as it can make money.


  1. on what bggasis of morality do you feel that the rich should pay more than anyone else? how is that treating everyone equally?

  2. Thank you, it is not! If you have worked had to better yourself and succeeded in this life the honorable way, who has the right to tell you to give more and more of what you earn to any government program. In Washington they say tax breaks for the rich will cost the country billions. Well, it is not there money to begin with! The ways of this government can not be sustained.
    When the haves out number the have nots, we are doomed.

  3. When the power plant closes (or is closed by the EPA,) what is going to take up the slack? Or will MA start declaring "dark" hours to reduce usage?

    Variance in tax law for the same item is patently and morally illegal. If "equal pay for equal work," is appropriate, "equal tax" should be appropriate too.


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