Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buck the Trend in Massachusetts

   First, congratulations to the people in the states who chose to vote for change in Washington, not Republican of Democrat........  You are the voters who will wake this day with a sliver of hope in the thought that maybe, just maybe, we can reverse the trend of larger government and higher taxes and unsustainable public pension plans.  We (them) in Massachusetts chose to 'buck the trend' and keep business as usual, including voting yes to keep the increased sales tax, yes to Barney Frank who was at the top of the financial debacle, and yes to another term for the presidents friend and supporter Deval Patrick....  We get the government we deserve and Massachusetts will still be governed by one party.  I too would have voted for higher sales taxes if I did not pay. I too would have voted for Deval if I were guaranteed a job at guaranteed hourly wage and believed all the industry lost would be coming back to town.  I too would have cast my vote for Barney if I believed he should serve in government as a lifer and had not made some very bad decisions that did not need to be held accountable.
  I am asking for just the favor of my friends in the neighboring states who saw clear and just reason to vote to kick the incumbents to the curb and send them looking for work in the private sector; please, remember those of us in Massachusetts who supported you and will be waiting here for your success till we are able to sell our homes and come join you.......has hell really frozen over??????????????????

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