Sunday, November 7, 2010

American CEOs Back Obama Asia Trip, Insist Trade Will Create Jobs

I find this support interesting. I read the reasoning and still just do not see how the jobs will be coming back in the short term or large term. Corporations will go where demand is high and cost of production is low and unhindered by taxes, paperwork, and lists of regulations from many government agencies, be it OSHA, EPA, or Home Land Security. How can we compete.
Americans want union wages but when time comes to choose, they will more time than not buy the foreign and cheaper made product. It is a fact. That is how we got where we are and now we can not afford better.
Fact Check:
Two years ago Evergreen Solar was given, by the state, much money and much tax breaks with the promise of staying and creating good paying manufacturing jobs.
In September, Evergreen Solar finished a very large plant in China and are moving much of it's operation overseas. Because there is no one to do these jobs in state, no, because they are saving much money on the product they are producing and will also be selling in China and India.
One case yes, but with the new session of Congress, the agenda will include extension of unemployment benefits and the fact is those jobs will not be returning to the states and those suppliers and installers of Evergreen Solar are mostly small businesses and not multi-national companies.
in reference to: - American CEOs Back Obama Asia Trip, Insist Trade Will Create Jobs --Briefing (view on Google Sidewiki)

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