Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tea Party's Pledge for Term Limits Takes Backseat to Winning Elections

  I, for one, believe very much in term limits.  Why should a politician be allowed, if wished, to make 'the people's seat' a career job for his or her lifetime?  In some respects politics is, in itself, a family business.  We have term limits for the presidency and just because a person runs with the promise of only serving one term, it never happens.  As for now, I would vote for the devil (wink, wink) as long as he or she was not the incumbent.

The anti-establishment wave that has fueled the rise of the Tea Party has also quietly revived a call for term-limits in Congress even though one prominent Tea Party group actively involved in a number of key Senate races has not forced candidates to make a pledge in return for support.
The Tea Party Express, a national political committee which has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to propel underdogs Joe Miller in Alaska and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware to victory, said it is focused on "first things first."
"There's a lot of battles we want to fight. The most important ones are the fiscal ones – cut the spending, stop the encroaching of government," Tea Party Express spokesman Levi Russell told, adding that the group supports term limits. "It hasn't been a front and center issue because there are so many other issues looming large that seem to be a more immediate threat."


  1. Congress should not be a life time or family (Kennedy)job

  2. I just hope that when these Tea Party canidates get into office they don't forget this issue.


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