Friday, October 1, 2010

Schwarzenegger vetoes bills on pension limits

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger late Thursday vetoed two bills introduced in response to the city of Bell pay scandal: a measure barring employment contracts with automatic pay raises and legislation that would cap pensions.

The governor also vetoed two bills aimed at ending pension spiking, but he signed bills requiring thousands of children to wait longer to enter kindergarten, setting up a new market for Californians to get health insurance coverage and banning pot shops near schools.

       I guess  government jobs will stay good paying jobs.  As far as children waiting longer for kindergarten;
 this is just a babysitting class at this age.  In the past when people had jobs and needed a sitter, that was fine.  I do not see why the government should get our kids at such an early age and again this is a good example how cost in government can be lowered.

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  1. We held our 3rd child back a year, and he did so well as one of the oldest, biggest kid all through school. I don't really think any 17-18 year olds have a clue about the 'real world'. Give them another year to grow up!


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