Thursday, October 14, 2010


       How many besides, myself, were glued to the TV over the last two days hoping to see a safe rescue of the miners trapped so far below ground.   While watching the tearful reunions, I had to comment on the faith shown by the Chilean people.   With out shame and without trying to hid the fact, it was wonderful to see God praised along with country.  It was interesting to see the everyday working man humbled and thankful, not complaining or vengeful, to his fellow captive and able to work together, pick leaders, and see a happy ending.
      Today on front page newspapers in New York the highlight was put on one miner and his mistress, how sad.  Chile and God were in charge of this rescue with thanks to assisting countries including the USA.  CNN or those wishing to hid God from public few and control the airways and stories told, were not.  God bless the miners and their families. 


  1. The media always focuses on the seamy side of life. The MSM is made up more or less of atheists, liberals, closet Marxists, sexual deviates, general fools, and those who derive pleasure from human misery.

    Therefore it makes sense that they'd make big copy on the fact that a miner had a mistress, rather than the vastly hard work and divine providence that brought them up from that hole after 70 days.

  2. It seems like the media will always pick up on the negative. Thank God those miners made it out alive!


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