Monday, October 4, 2010

Health Care’s Lost Weekend

 from the New York Times:

Doctors, like most people, don’t love to work weekends, and they probably don’t enjoy being evaluated against their peers. But their industry can no longer afford to protect them from the inevitable. Imagine a drugstore open only five days a week, ( or a postal service that stopped deliveries on Saturday, or AMTRAK that did not operate in the red)  or a television network that didn’t measure its ratings. Improving the quality of health care and reducing its cost will require that doctors make many changes — but working weekends and consenting to quality management are two clear ones.

        Who, pray tell, would choose the quality management in charge of the medical field..........the same who are in charge of the inspections of oil rigs?  Most of us are already working weekends and are being payed less for the privileged .  My UPS driver concurred, " my company would rather pay overtime than hire and train new people."
       I am not in the medical field, but I do know that doctors put in many over time hours before they are qualified to be called doctors.  This noble occupation will soon be regulated so much that it will become entirely another government agency, what some have been pushing for right along.  Open Wide

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