Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who is Really the Bully

When I was a child, bullying meant picking on the smaller kid by pushing him or taunting him to make him cry. Who would have thought that today some are suggesting that sex and who you choose to have it with be brought into the equation.
Mr. Beck was right when he said that we have to bring morals, God, and personal responsibility back into our culture. Is it wrong to be a bully and pick on someone, yes, and it should be dealt with by a parent and not a law. Looks to me as if some want to tell children how to believe and if you do not believe as they do then you are a bully? This is not an issue for children but the beginnings of early childhood indoctrination.
Let's grow up now. If I do not believe in abortion, am I wrong? If I believe marriage should be between a man and a women, am I wrong? If I believe in a higher power and I choose to call that higher power God, am I wrong. If I believe that legal immigration is fine but coming to our country illegally is wrong, am I wrong? Please do not keep trying to pass laws to tell me how or who to believe in. My country is beginning to look more socialist and turning toward communist.
Let our children be children, grow up and become good people. It ain't that hard, keep it simple and don't allow the government to bully you!!!
    Next, my thoughts on lying and having your mouth washed out with soap............

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