Tuesday, September 28, 2010

President Wants More Money Spent on Roadways and Railways.......Just Like in France

  When government passes bills and spends your money, taxes go up.  Amtrak and the Post Offices have been loosing money for years so it is only fitting to raise taxes and the price of stamps? 

THE COST of motorway, air and TGV travel could rise in the new year to help bail out France's loss-making regional train lines.
The government is looking to impose a new one per cent tax on road tolls, domestic airline tickets and high-speed train fares.
Proceeds from the new tax will be paid to the SNCF to fund its Corail, Téoz, Intercités and sleeper train services, which between them lose about €200m a year.
The rail operator says only four of the long-distance non-TGV lines are profitable: Paris to Clermont Ferrand, Toulouse, Le Havre and Cherbourg.
The new funding agreement will last at least three years - less than the five requested by the SNCF.
It will be discussed further this autumn and, if approved, should come into effect on January 1.
The difference to train passengers should be small: the tax will add less than €1 to the average one-way TGV ticket.
Transport users' body Fnaut said it made sense that car users should help finance public transport.

   Is it me or is it once a tax is created .......... it only grows and multiplies.

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