Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Too Will Listen.............................

   I will sit and listen again to the president's speech tonight with HOPE that he will CHANGE his policy and extend the Bush tax cuts to ALL and not to just some. That would be a good beginning. Many of us have been fighting the recession ourselves with no help from this administration.  That is fine with me, my small family business has survived for over 65 years and we have been through many ups and downs and have seen many changes.
    Why should the 'rich' (not me) not benefit with some sort of tax break for they usually are the ones who keep the jobs and businesses going.  Should the rich be punished for some reason and pay higher taxes?  Should the rich be punished and pay for other people's health insurance?  Should the rich be punished because they worked overtime, taught and passed on a trade, joined a service club like Rotary or Lions and gave of their time to the elderly or maybe a little league team? If you did 'make it' you did give back to those of your choosing, not to those who the elected elite instructed you to.  A poor man has never hired me, but a rich and successful man seems to be thought of as a bad person in the eyes of this president, why is he so angry.  

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