Friday, September 10, 2010

Bullying is now Against The Law

   I am for a capitalist system so I am also for new and innovative products, preferably made in the USA.  Not to take bullying lightly, it has been decided by those in power that we need to legislate it.  With any new legislation comes added costs and added time spent to conform with the law.  The days of taking care of this problem through parent intervention and a teacher's help are long gone................. just like my old dented lunch box. 

An Andover-based software company that makes online applications for school districts has developed — and is donating — software designed to help school officials meet the filing requirements that come with sweeping anti-bullying legislation signed into law in May.
Even before the state recently distributed a two-page letter outlining the information that school districts would need to report, eSped had begun developing the online software. The company is now fine-tuning the software to meet all of the state’s requirements — including incident details, name of the bullying target, the aggressor, and any investigation that was done.

Although Dhionis cannot exactly quantify how much he will save school districts that use his free anti-bullying software, he said eSped, which employs 35 people, normally bases its rates on numbers of students. School districts pay $3 per student annually for access to the company’s standard reporting software, he said.
So, for a school district with 2,000 students, the software charges would amount to $6,000.

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