Monday, August 9, 2010

Wind for 'Made in America'

A deal between the United Steelworkers (USW) and two Chinese wind companies means 50,000 tons of steel for a 615MW wind farm in Texas will come from US steel mills.
The agreement with A-Power Energy Generation and Shenyang Power Group was announced on Friday, and looks set to support “hundreds” of American jobs.
USW, America’s largest industrial union, got involved in the wind project following concerns expressed back in March that $450 million in federal stimulus money was going to foreign companies to supply the West Texas wind farm.
The union said it had worked with clean energy investment firm US Renewable Energy Group to set up its first ever agreement with a company in China.
The move would ensure that wind farm components would be made by union workers in America instead of being imported from overseas, it said.
Leo W. Gerard, USW International President, said: “We will work with A-Power and SPG to create long-term, good-paying, green American jobs. The USW is committed to building a strong domestic supply chain that will be key to the future of America’s global renewable energy leadership.”


          Keeping an eye out for 'stimulus monies' heading to other countries.

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