Friday, August 27, 2010

What Came First The Chicken or the Egg?


Who IS in charge of the hen house?

      With the egg scare and recall this week, I found this story interesting. It involved chickens and law suits.
  Come to think of it, the egg recall reminds me of the gulf oil rig disaster.  Both industries were under the eye of the government inspectors who just might not have done their jobs properly and a disaster followed.  A law is a law and a regulation is a regulation but to work, they must be enforced. 

A farmer in Brittany is suing the French defence ministry claiming a low-altitude fly past by their planes scared 5,000 of his chickens to death.
Etienne Le Méhauté, who owns a chicken farm with 68,000 birds in Pléguien, Côtes d'Armor, is suing, claiming the deaths will cost him €12,000-€15,000.
"We were in the house eating," he told Ouest-France. "When they passed we felt the vibrations right up our spines. It was so strong.
"The chickens were terrified. They were all piled up on the beds on the same side. We separated those we could."
While Mr Méhauté did not see the jets, several workers out in the fields watched them pass and neighbours confirmed being shaken by the noise.
The defence ministry has launched an investigation.
Major Frédéric Solano of the air branch of the military's public relations office (Sirpa) confirmed that two jets had been flying in the area at that time but that their altitude should have corresponded to low-level flying regulations.
Should the investigation confirm a link between the jet fighters and the 5,000 dead chickens, the military would be prepared to offer compensation, he added.


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