Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rolling Stone reporter who took down general will not embed with troops

  I think this is the right decision seeing he would probably be leaving bread crumb trails for the enemy!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The author of the Rolling Stone article that ended the military career of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former top commander in Afghanistan, has been denied permission to join U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said Tuesday.
Defense Department spokesman Col. David Lapan told reporters that freelance writer Michael Hastings was rebuffed when he asked to accompany, or "embed," with American forces next month.
The rejection came as the Pentagon ramped up an internal investigation into the circumstances behind some of the most salacious material Hastings used in his article in Rolling Stone. The Army inspector general is interviewing current and former McChrystal aides, The Associated Press has learned.
The inspector general's review began shortly after Rolling Stone published the article that torpedoed McChrystal's three-decade Army career.

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  1. What? You mean there is still some 'common sense' left in our leaders? Of course, BO will probably overrule this decision!

    Keep our troops safe!


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