Sunday, August 8, 2010

New U.S. Visa Fees Would Hit Indian Firms

Although our country is solving the illegal immigration problem by policy, not law, that does not mean that money is not available to our government, again by policy.  If you are skilled you must pay to come but all unskilled need not apply, just jump fence.

NEW DELHI—Legislation that passed the U.S. Senate late Thursday would significantly increase fees for skilled-worker visas, a move that would deal a financial blow to Indian technology-outsourcing companies that send thousands of employees to the U.S. each year.
The measure, which was attached to a $600 million border-security spending bill that senators passed just before leaving for their August recess, would require all companies with U.S. staff that have more than half their U.S.-based employees on H1-B or L-1 visas to pay thousands of dollars in special new fees for each worker.

I would rather have those jobs back in our country which will not be happening soon.  So now we will make it more difficult, and expensive, for even other countries to do business in the U.S.  I just want to know who gets the money, upstart businesses or is it used to fund the over burdened budgets of city and towns which is not job creation.


  1. The current liberal congress is aware that raising taxes is unpopular, very unpopular currently. Still, they are unwilling to consider cutting any pet programs because in doing so, their constituents will have cows back home.

    What to do, what to do? Find ways to jack up user fees, service fees, VISA fees, find them and jack them up. Since these programs and services are already in place, nobody is going to give them hell if they jack them up, other than the puny voices of the users, and those voices will go unheard, since they are spread over the entire country to disperate user groups.

    Liberals and high taxes. They go together like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

    But, like Martin and Lewis, the heyday of high tax rates and liberal popularity will come and go.

    This November, it will go.

  2. From your mouth to God's ears.....yes, God is welcome to my blog in hopes that he (or she) will someday comment also.


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