Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Law is The Law

        Back when being an illegal immigrant in this country was against the law, I can remember stories told by my grand mother about her and her sister coming over on steam ship to the United States only because they had a sponsor and a promised job waiting for them after the long ocean journey.  We are now the world but it should remain the same in these hard times that everyone who wants a job should be able to find one.  This now way of our government allowing everyone who comes to the country to jump on public assistance is unsustainable.

Italy has said it intends to expel citizens from other EU states if they are not able to support themselves, in a move apparently inspired by France’s current crackdown on Roma.
Interior Minister Roberto Maroni told daily newspaper Corriere della Sera on Saturday (21 August) that French president Nicolas Sarkozy – whose recent actions include closing down Roma camps and deporting around 200 Roma to date – is “right.”
The minister, from the anti-immigrant Northern League Party, said that “if anything, it’s time to go a step further” and referred to the mandatory expulsion of EU citizens who do not meet certain criteria.
“Yes, expulsions just like those for illegal immigrants, not assisted or voluntary repatriations. Of course only for those who violate rules on requirements for living in another member state: a minimum level of income, adequate housing and not being a burden on the social welfare system of the country hosting them.”
“Many Roma are EU citizens but do not respect any of these requirements,” he said. But added, when asked if this would be discriminatory, that the policy should apply to all EU citizens and not just Roma.
“If anything, the problem is something else: unlike in France, many Roma and Sinti here have Italian citizenship. They have the right to remain here. Nothing can be done.”
Mr Maroni admitted that previous attempt by Rome to go in this direction were shot down by the European Commission but said he intends to re-raise the issue of automatic expulsions at a meeting of EU interior ministers in Paris on 6 September.

      Yes some countries are seeing and doing something on the issue of illegal immigrants.

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  1. I wish that our politicians wanted to actually enforce the immigration laws of the land, but oh no, they only choose to enforce their own set of select laws.


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